Market Through Premium Customer Support To Your Customers


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“RIGHT NOW is your prime opportunity to let the SAME people who have handled the customer service needs for marketers such as Mark Thompson, Spencer Haws, Chris Guthrie, and so many more…Do the SAME for YOU!”


But you’ve gotta hurry, because…..


Only 3 more clients will get the chance to sit back and relax while offering outstanding customer service. Imagine not worrying about a thing while your business is pulling in major profits, day after day … Are you going to be one of the lucky few?


If you are, then we will manage your:


  • Support tickets

  • Emails

  • Product launches


Also, we’ll SAVE you lot of $$$ by lowering:


  • Subscription Cancellation

  • Refunds

  • PayPal Disputes

  • Stripe Disputes


….Your support will be covered 7 days a week 365 days a year. No exceptions!


Well, it DOESN’T matter what Software or Service you’re selling, we can take care of any and ALL of your customer service needs.


Heck, we have dealt with and MASTERED over a dozen software types and services, such as…


  • Adobe AIR Apps

  • SaaS Applications

  • Windows (.exe) and Mac (.dmg) based Apps

  • WordPress Plugins

  • WordPress Themes

  • Amazon related apps

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Social Media Services


You Will Never Find Another Offer Like This ANYWHERE! There just isn’t anyone else that Specializes Exclusively in Customer Service Exclusively For Internet Marketers.


This is the most professional and high quality customer service team that you will ever find!




  • We have done massive launches

  • We are experts in grammar and have a clear understanding of IM products so we can jump right in whether it is related to SEO or Video Creation

  • We are immersed in these topics daily

  • We have an understanding of Auto-responders and other IM software

  • We know we’re the face of your company and we take it very seriously

Right Now We can Only Accept Another 3 Lucky People To Take Part Of This Amazing Opportunity!

Because I DO NOT want to take on too many clients or take anything away from YOUR customer service and profitability, I have decided to strictly limit the number of new clients that we take to ensure the highest quality service for your customers!

That is why I am only allowing the first 39 people to take part in this amazing offer.

That is the number that will not be exceeded. Not 100 people…. not 10 people… only 3 more clients!

That is it! Once that number is reached then the deal goes away in 2016.

That is just my way to ensure that we’re able to go the extra mile in helping you make money by offering your customers premium support.

Auto responders
Support tickets systems
Product launches

Approving Affiliates

To even helping you deal with:
Paypal accounts and resolution
Clickbank, JVzoo and many other payment processors
And more!

Sounds good?

Let’s Get Started

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